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Unique Documentary Filmmaking Workshops

There are Stories to Tell

FilmTreks™ offers high-caliber, immersive workshops that teach participants the art and craft of documentary filmmaking quickly by making real films. In a matter of days you can begin sharing your stories through this wonderfully dynamic medium.

See what's possibletake a look at our past participants' films. The overwhelming majority of our workshop participants have no prior filmmaking experience and come from a wide variety of backgrounds – ranging from educators to doctors to parents to accountants. ;-) And although the films produced over course of the workshop are intended primarily as a means for learning the filmmaking process, the ultimate display of participants' storytelling skills never ceases to amaze.

Our goal is for you to continue telling stories that excite you long after our workshops. Toward that end, we strive to help you genuinely understand the process of documentary filmmaking and storytelling within a brief period of time and give you the information needed to be successful.

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